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Tetra Tech Tetra Tech provides technical, management, and advisory services to help developing and transitioning societies navigate the challenges they face. We work around the world to help establish and strengthen productive relationships between state and society and develop sustainable government and justice systems that are responsive, transparent, accountable, fair, and efficient. In this way we increase stability, foster investment, and improve the rule of law, which benefits our partner countries as well as our economy back home.
Innovation Tetra Tech has emerged as a leader and an innovator in providing consulting services that support the furtherance of good governance and strengthened rule of law. Our goal is to provide public institutions and civil society with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to undertake and sustain programs related to their long-term development and reform goals. Tetra Tech provides services in all stages of project life cycles, from assessment, design, and implementation to monitoring and evaluation that guarantees real impacts.
Sustainable Development Sustainable development is the hallmark of Tetra Tech’s program strategy. Drawing on best global practices and adapting them to local realities, we work closely with government and civil society organizations to help them develop appropriate solutions to improving stability, security, and the rule of law. We establish team-based approaches with the full participation of counterparts and foster communication among all stakeholders. This approach ensures that skills are transferred, institutions are strengthened, and benefits in the beneficiary country continue long after program completion. This is turn benefits American strategic interests by fostering stability and investment.
Global Expertise Tetra Tech works with a group of highly qualified institutions, consulting firms, and individuals in the United States and abroad. We regularly call on our network of justice, public sector, and civil society organizations to lend expertise and personnel to our projects. We have unparalleled ties with key government institutions in the State of California, a state with a history of participatory government that embodies Tetra Tech’s ideals. We rely on a large roster of senior consultants who have extensive experience in international development as well as direct experience in their professional fields.

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Service Areas

We work in the following service areas under the broad umbrella of the rule of law:

  • Court administration
  • Anti-corruption
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Justice sector strategic planning
  • Justice institution capacity building
  • Improving delivery of justice service
  • Electronic case management
  • Legal systems strengthening
  • Judicial training and training of judicial staff
  • Access to justice
  • Access to information
  • Civil society organization strengthening
  • Advocacy training
  • Public legal awareness and outreach
  • Legal aid effectiveness
  • Strengthening the investment environment
  • Security and stability
  • Countering violent extremism


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