Tetra Tech provided high-level mediation services to the World Bank to address complaints arising from the construction of the Transcaucus pipeline across Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey. Tetra Tech Emeritus Expert William Davis, former director, served as the lead mediator and facilitator.



Tetra Tech assisted the Georgian judiciary in its overall goal to become an independent and equal branch of government. The project consisted of a comprehensive program for improved court administration and case management throughout all the courts of Georgia including the 46 magistrate courts. The program had four main components: (1) improvement of court operations; (2) establishment of court administrators as recognized and effective specialists within Georgia's judicial system; (3) establishment of a budget office to strengthen the capacity of the judiciary to formulate and manage the courts' budget; and (4) public outreach.


"[Tetra Tech] is an excellent company with whom to work and USAID has been extremely satisfied with their work, which has been and continues to be above and beyond the expected. I recommend them without hesitation."

- Jill Gulliksen, USAID