flag_peruPeru 1996 - 1998

Tt DPK served as the external consultant to the major effort to modernize the organization, processes and administration of the judicial branch in Peru. The work focused on implementing new organizational structures for the civil courts and adopting the concept of the cooperative courts or centralized clerks office. Tt DPK also provided technical assistance on the development of court administration systems, such as caseflow management, records management and facilities design. Activities included developing modern systems of judicial statistics, workload indicators, delay reduction, records management, facilities design, and filing case documents. The courthouse itself was remodeled to accommodate the new cooperative design, which reflected a modern and efficient approach to judicial administration. In the process, the court system was able to reduce the support staff by almost 50 percent. Dispositions increased from approximately 55,000 to 85,000 from 1996 to 1997, an increase of 55 percent, and pending cases declined from 56,000 to 42,000, a decrease of 25 percent (Source: Pilot Courts of Lima, Analysis of Filings, Dispositions and Pending Cases in Selected Courts in Latin America, World Bank, 1998).


Tetra Tech sponsored a 10-day visit for members of the Peruvian Supreme Court to San Francisco. During the seminar the justices visited trial and appellate courts to gain an overall understanding of the American justice system, including civil and criminal procedures, court organization and administration, judicial training, and judicial policy making.

flag_peruPeru 2013 - 2016

Tetra Tech’s USAID Promoting Justice and Integrity in Public Administration Project (Pro-Integridad) supported the Government of Peru in its efforts to reduce corruption and strengthen the rule of law. The project built the capacity of the judicial system to resolve corruption cases, address internal corruption, and use civil society engagement to combat corruption.


"[Tetra Tech] is an excellent company with whom to work and USAID has been extremely satisfied with their work, which has been and continues to be above and beyond the expected. I recommend them without hesitation."

- Jill Gulliksen, USAID