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Tetra Tech, as a subcontractor to the State University of New York Center for International Development, helped provide technical assistance in the design and implementation of a three-year program that worked with the Moroccan Parliament. This program implemented stronger committee work and established a checks-and-balance system for the executive's public spending. The program significantly enhanced decision-making processes in the Moroccan Parliament, which resulted in improved democratic representation for its citizens.

Liberia Côte d'Ivoire 2013 - 2018

The Côte d’Ivoire Justice Sector Support Program (ProJustice) is a five-year judicial administration, accountability, and access-to-justice program. ProJustice is cooperating with the Ministry of Justice, the National Judicial Training Institute, targeted courts, and civil society organizations to strengthen training for judiciary police, magistrates, and court staff, supporting enhancements to court case management systems, implementing measures to increase transparency and accountability in the courts, improving citizens’ access to the Ministry of Justice’s public defense fund, strengthening capacity of the Ministry of Justice’s Legal Aid Office, and strengthening disability rights. With its office in Abidjan, ProJustice works at both the national and local levels throughout the country to enhance justice services and access to legal aid for Ivoirian citizens.

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Project Information:

ProJustice 2-Page Fact Sheet (English)

ProJustice 2-Page Fact Sheet (French)



Tetra Tech, as principal subcontractor to Development Alternatives, Inc., participated in the Improved Business Environment Program to improve the business climate in Morocco, facilitate access to finance for small businesses, and help Morocco meet its commitments under trade agreements.

Tetra Tech led reforms to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Moroccan commercial court system and contributed to the project's extensive commercial law reform initiatives through training and targeted technical assistance.


Tetra Tech, as subcontractor to the State University of New York Center for International Development, helped strengthen the National Assembly's capacity to curb corruption and enhance fiscal discipline in the public sector in Malawi. The project team provided technical assistance to the Government of Malawi and civil society stakeholders to strengthen monitoring and oversight of public finances, review legislation and policy, and increase public participation in parliamentary decision-making processes.


Tetra Tech served as subcontractor to the State University of New York Center for International Development, providing technical assistance to help achieve a more accountable, inclusive political system in Tanzania. The program worked to create a comprehensive long-term parliamentary strengthening plan, increase parliament's role in the budgeting process, enhance the performance and ability of parliamentary committees to perform oversight roles, and conduct public education and outreach on the roles and functions of the legislature.



Tetra Tech assisted the Nigerian Government to advance its anti-corruption program by strengthening its national integrity and fiscal transparency systems. Through this USAID-funded prject, Tetra Tech helped to build the capacity of Nigeria’s Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (AGF) and Auditor General’s Office to use an electronic transaction recording and reporting system, which enabled the AGF to consolidate accounting information from all ministries and agencies in a timely manner, thereby facilitating real-time audits of government agencies, offices, and ministries. Tetra Tech worked in coordination with other donor-funded initiatives to modernize the networking and IT capacities of the AGF and various ministries, and Tetra Tech also developed training programs on the maintenance and use of the transaction reporting system. 



Tetra Tech supported Kenya's judiciary in undertaking a training needs assessment for judicial sector staff and developing appropriate education programs to address those needs. The overall goals were to improve the performance of the judiciary's workforce, retain the workforce, and improve the efficiency of the entire judiciary. Based on the assessment, Tetra Tech developed training programs and materials for judges and other judiciary members, assisted in establishing a performance management system and codes of ethics for justice sector employees, and assisted in strategic planning for the continued modernization of the public sector.



South Africa

Tetra Tech, through USAID's Office of Democracy and Governance, conducted a targeted rapid assessment of the USAID Criminal Justice Strengthening Program (CJSP) in South Africa. Tetra Tech, through consultation with the judiciary, non-governmental organizations, and private sector counterparts, assessed the CJSP's effectiveness and results in the areas of improving management of justice sector institutions, improving case processing and court efficiency, developing and implementing crime and violence prevention strategies, and improving prosecutor-led criminal investigations.




Tetra Tech provided support to the United Nations Population Fund in Sudan by improving access to justice for victims of gender-based violence (GBV) in the customary courts - the primary and traditional mechanism for dispute resolution and access to justice in southern Sudan. Tetra Tech analyzed the use of restorative justice principles in customary court rulings; provided training on GBV, customary law, human rights, and restorative justice; helped develop relevant action plans for improving the administration of justice in customary courts; and conducted stakeholder workshops (including government officials, the donor community, UN agencies, and non-governmental organizations) to better target future GBV and access-to-justice projects.




Tetra Tech assisted USAID/Tanzania, under the Millennium Challenge Account, to develop and implement a training program for Tanzanian magistrates to improve judicial capacity to prosecute and adjudicate corruption-related crimes. Tetra Tech implemented trainings in financial crimes and money laundering, mobilizing government and civil society resources to combat corruption. Other training initiatives covered the social causes and consequences of fraud.



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"[Tetra Tech] is an excellent company with whom to work and USAID has been extremely satisfied with their work, which has been and continues to be above and beyond the expected. I recommend them without hesitation."

- Jill Gulliksen, USAID