Service Areas

We work in the following service areas under the broad umbrella of the rule of law:

  • Court administration
  • Anti-corruption
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Justice sector strategic planning
  • Justice institution capacity building
  • Improving delivery of justice service
  • Electronic case management
  • Legal systems strengthening
  • Judicial training and training of judicial staff
  • Access to justice
  • Access to information
  • Civil society organization strengthening
  • Advocacy training
  • Public legal awareness and outreach
  • Legal aid effectiveness
  • Strengthening the investment environment
  • Security and stability
  • Countering violent extremism

April 2016

Tetra Tech is supporting a local organization to regularly monitor court services in the district of Oecusse.

Timorese local organization the Justice Sector Monitoring Program (JSMP) has been partnering with Tetra Tech’s USAID-funded Ba Distrito (“To the Districts”) Project to undertake regular monitoring in all courts of first instance in the Oecusse district. The objective of these activities is to use the publication of case summaries, press releases, and thematic reports to support advocacy for improved court functionality and increased access to justice.

JSMP Executive Director, Luis Oliveira Sampaio, expressed his satisfaction with the initiative. “We are thankful to Counterpart International [and subcontractor Tetra Tech] and the Ba Distrito project. With the funds from the Ba Distrito project JSMP was able to place a staff member in Oecusse who monitored the court on a daily basis. Before our partnership with Ba Distrito, we were not able to do this because we did not have a permanent staff assigned to Oecusse, as we did in other district courts.”


Presentation of the Oecusse Court Thematic Report in Oecusse

With support from Ba Distrito, JSMP published a thematic report on the Oecusse courts in November 2015. The final report is accessible online on the JSMP website. Recognizing that well-functioning courts are essential to the rule of law in a democracy, JSMP plans to continue working with Ba Distrito to monitor courts in Oecusse and throughout East Timor.

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