A sustainable and locally tailored approach is the hallmark of the Tt DPK strategy. Drawing on best global practices and adapting them to local realities, we work closely with government and civil society institutions to help them develop solutions that meet local needs. We establish team-based approaches with the full participation of national counterparts and foster communication among all stakeholders. In this way we transfer skills, strengthen institutions, and ensure that benefits continue long after program completion.
Tt DPK achieves success and sustainability in our programs around the world by:
  • Developing flexible approaches that adapt to changing circumstances to achieve greatest impact and maximize sustainability of results;
  • Fostering ownership by host country stakeholders throughout all program phases, including stock taking, issue identification, program design and implementation, and evaluation of progress;
  • Communicating activities throughout civil society to further public understanding of program goals and benefits;
  • Sharing best practices and lessons learned from other similar programs;
  • Establishing partnerships that strengthen the capacity of host country institutions to manage change and carry out their responsibilities;
  • Coordinating activities among donor organizations to ensure efficient resource allocation.






"In 1998 we were challenged by the President of the Superior Justice Court to begin a modernization process. [Tetra Tech] DPK worked with us to develop strategies that led to the positive results we have in Cuenca. Today, we operate under a cooperative plan, have highly qualified personnel, modern technology, functional legal and operational data processing programs, and an esthetically presentable environment. I consider that the Project has met the goal of a better service for the final user and has demonstrated that the dreams of a better justice can be a reality in our country."

-Dr. Felipe Serrano Cordero,
Judge of the Fifth Civil Court of
Cuenca, Ecuador

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