Tetra Tech provided support to the United Nations Population Fund in Sudan by improving access to justice for victims of gender-based violence (GBV) in the customary courts - the primary and traditional mechanism for dispute resolution and access to justice in southern Sudan. Tetra Tech analyzed the use of restorative justice principles in customary court rulings; provided training on GBV, customary law, human rights, and restorative justice; helped develop relevant action plans for improving the administration of justice in customary courts; and conducted stakeholder workshops (including government officials, the donor community, UN agencies, and non-governmental organizations) to better target future GBV and access-to-justice projects.



"[Tetra Tech] is an excellent company with whom to work and USAID has been extremely satisfied with their work, which has been and continues to be above and beyond the expected. I recommend them without hesitation."

-Jill Gulliksen, USAID

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