With funding from the World Bank, Tetra Tech, working with the preeminent management training institution in Venezuela, analyzed the organization of the Supreme Court and the operation of each justice's chambers. The project reviewed the court’s various supporting organizations and developed a series of recommendations to improve their operations. Tetra Tech assisted the Supreme Court in the development of new case processing methodologies for cases entering the court, a new organizational model for staff attorneys, and a new system for publishing court opinions. The project also inaugurated public access to information about pending cases through automation. The World Bank evaluated the project results as "Highly Satisfactory." The institutional development impact was rated as "Substantial" and sustainability was rated as "Likely."



"[Tetra Tech] is an excellent company with whom to work and USAID has been extremely satisfied with their work, which has been and continues to be above and beyond the expected. I recommend them without hesitation."

-Jill Gulliksen, USAID

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