September 2017

The film provides an innovative approach to disseminating police accomplishments to the public


To help the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) showcase their recent activities and achievements, the INL-funded Justice Sector Assistance Project (JSAP) proposed and quickly received approval from Police Chief Maj. Gen. Hazem Attallah to produce a public service film to be disseminated through various social media outlets. As the Palestinian public is becoming more technology savvy, the film presents a modern and innovative approach to publicizing PCP successes particularly in the area of information technology (IT) and automation.

Automation efforts at the PCP have been dramatically transformed over the last few years with the help of JSAP and other donors working in the sector. The PCP has automated various management systems including human resources, vehicle tracking, operations, traffic, and enforcement modules, among other systems. For the public, perhaps the most tangible change is the use of the mobile services system by the Traffic Police. JSAP procured 100 hand-held devices that the PCP is now using. Through these devices and a user-friendly interface developed by JSAP IT developers, the police can search on-line 24-hours-a-day by simply entering the ID number of the citizen to see if any given vehicle on the street has the proper registration or if the driver has any outstanding warrants, a valid license, and other information relevant to police work.

As a result of these automation accomplishments, these systems are in the process of being replicated in other Palestinian security services. “We are now working with five other security services to transfer some of these important applications,” said Lt. Col. Suleiman Abu Al Rub, the Director of the IT and Communications Department who also credits INL and JSAP for helping accomplish many of these activities.

These successes lead the JSAP team and Lt. Col. Abu Al Rub to develop the film concept. The JSAP IT team was intricately involved in every step of production including developing the script, directing the shots, filming, final editing and post production and translation. The four-minute film was shot over a two-week period in June 2017 and can be found via this Link. The film has been well received, and JSAP is planning to work with the PCP and other institutions on producing other public outreach films in the future.

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