December 2017

Arwa Ruwashid is one of several JSAP interns recently hired by project counterparts

As a testament to the success of the INL-funded Justice Sector Assistance Project (JSAP) internship program, former project intern, Arwa Ruwashid, is one of several JSAP interns that was recently offered a position at a counterpart justice sector institution after serving with the project.

Arwa notes that she landed her “dream job” after serving as a project intern at the Dura Public Prosecution Office for one year. “My work as an intern prepared me for this position as it provided me with the proper training and background, which in the end, saved the Public Prosecution Office the time and effort of training a completely new employee to the system,” stated Arwa. She now fills a long-term permanent position as a Warrant Execution Officer at the Hebron Public Prosecution Office. As a Warrant Execution Officer, she follows-up on execution of criminal case verdicts issued by the courts and addresses issues and challenges faced by Execution Officers.

Arwa thanked the JSAP program for helping launch her career, noting, “My professional start and the introduction provided to me by the JSAP program helped prepare me for this position which I consider to be an ideal job since securing a full-time job in this day and age is almost a dream.” She added, “The period that I served as an intern truly contributed to both my personal and professional development. I gained successful working relationships with my Public Prosecution colleagues and I learned valuable team building skills.”

Nash’at Ayoush, the Dura Chief Prosecutor praised the former intern’s skills and qualifications. “Since the beginning of her appointment in the Public Prosecution Office, Arwa demonstrated her legal ability and commitment to her work. She exercised efficient administrative and legal skills which allowed her to carry out the mandated work quickly, competently and in accordance with legal procedures. The primary reason Arwa was selected for this position is her knowledge of the laws and her high ability to conduct proper legal classification and preparation of legal briefs in accordance with the law,” said the Chief Prosecutor.

“I am proud to have been a part of the JSAP internship team which helped plant the seeds for my success,” said Arwa.

JSAP interns Dana Bei’rat and Fida’ Abu Ali have also been offered one-year contracts at the Security Forces Justice Commission. Other justice sector leaders have also noted their interest in hiring JSAP interns for long-term positions upon openings.


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