March 2018

First nursery registration completed online using the new e-service on the MOSD web portal on February 8, 2018

On February 8, 2018, Mr. Abdullah Al-Khatib became the first beneficiary of the Nursery Center Registration e-Service at the Ministry of Social Development (MOSD) West Amman Directorate. The new e-service, developed with support from Tetra Tech’s USAID-funded Rule of Law Program (ROLP), significantly streamlines the process for citizens who would like to open a nursery center for business.   Mr. Al-Khatib remarked, “I was thrilled by the fast response of this user-friendly system while completing the required information. It provides the full requirements list for registering a nursery center, applicant eligibility criteria, and instructions to upload documents on the web portal. Not only is the registration process easier, but the public has better access to information by providing registration requirements in a centralized place on the internet.”

The Nursery Center Registration e-Service offers many improvements to prospective applicants. First, it serves as an online hub for all requisite approvals from the involved government entities, including the Civil Defense Directorate, Greater Amman Municipality, Ministry of Health Ministry of Public Works and Housing, and Municipalities. Prior to the development of this e-service, Jordanian citizens and other service beneficiaries had to visit each public entity involved in their business registration for written approvals, a process requiring an enormous amount of time and effort. Second, the e-service system accelerates the registration process by providing fill-in data options. Mr. Al-Khatib shared that when he entered his national ID number, the system automatically recognized him and auto-filled much of his personal data, which saved him time in completing his application.

Third, a user can assign a delegate to assist with completing the application if the user resides outside of Jordan or cannot continue to follow on the registration process for any reason. In Mr. Al-Khatib’s case, this functionality provided great benefit to him. He marveled, “I’m delighted that during my time in Saudi Arabia, my younger brother, who I assigned as a delegate, was able to follow up on any missing information and documents for the application. I also could track the status of my application completion and submission on the MOSD’s web portal remotely from Saudi Arabia.”  

At the beginning of 2017, the MOSD, with ROLP’s support, initiated the development of an integrated web portal that will include numerous e-services for the public alongside the Nursery Center Registration. The overall aim is to strengthen the MOSD’s performance, accountability, and public service delivery by transitioning from a largely manual, paper system to a modern, automated one.


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