March 2018

Dar Al-Amal ‘house of hope’ is the only juvenile center serving boys in the West Bank

Tetra Tech’s INL-funded Justice Sector Assistance Project (JSAP) has been playing a key role in strengthening the Palestinian juvenile justice sector through training programs for prosecutors, judges and police assigned to juvenile cases. The project has diligently worked to develop case management automation systems to help track juvenile cases, and during the summer of 2017, project staff supported a study tour to the United States with participation of key Palestinian juvenile justice stakeholders, nine of whom joined from the Attorney General’s Office/Public Prosecution Offices, the High Judicial Council, Palestinian Civil Police and the Ministry of Social Development.

Upon their return, JSAP was informed by Tetra Tech that they were recipients of an honorable mention in the Bi-Annual Tetra Tech DPK Davis Award contest, which is awarded to projects that have demonstrated innovative approaches to achieve client and project objectives. Having taken away some best practices during the study tour and believing in the importance of creating a safe and healthy environment for juveniles, the team immediately opted to donate the $500 award prize to the Dar Al-Amal Juvenile Rehabilitation Center.

Dar Al-Amal (“House of Hope”) Juvenile Rehabilitation Center is the only juvenile center serving boys in the West Bank (there is separate facility serving girls). Dar Al-Amal, managed by the Palestinian Ministry of Social Affairs, is located in Ramallah and serves 7 to 25 boys ages 13 to 17 at any given time pending the adjudication of their cases.

The Director of the center, Basel Abuzayda stated, “Dar Al-Amal always strives to improve the educational process for juveniles through the use of technology in learning and teaching. As promoting education is the main pillar of our organization, with support from JSAP, we helped equip our learning room by providing installation of gypsum boards and painting. The renovation of the learning room was carried out by the organization's children, in cooperation with volunteers from the National Security Forces.”

Tetra Tech is enthusiastic that JSAP chose to further promote the improvement of the center with their award.


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