March 2018

MKLDO conducts awareness raising activities to combat TIP.

Mawk Kon Local Development Organization (MKLDO) is working to combat trafficking in persons (TIP) in Myanmar, especially among vulnerable ethnic groups near the borders with Thailand and China. With grant funding from Tetra Tech’s Promoting the Rule of Law Project (PRLP), MKLDO is building capacity of youth and community leaders to address trafficking issues and promote knowledge of safe migration. They are also conducting situational analysis on migration and trafficking trends in the region.

MKLDO recently assisted a local family to find their daughter who had been trafficked to China. In 2016, Yamin*, an ethnic Larhu woman, was enticed to go to China and work in a tea factory. For over a year, Yamin’s parents had no contact with her. After hearing about the services offered by MKLDO through local community awareness events, they reached out for help to find their daughter.

MKLDO provided several avenues of support, including the use of social media platform WeChat to gather information and contact their daughter. Eventually, her parents reached Yamin and learned that she had been trafficked to China by her aunt. With the help of MKLDO, her parents successfully reported the case to the Anti-Trafficking Task Force (ATTF) of Kyaing Tong Township. The ATTF arrested the perpetrator and began the process to repatriate Yamin. She is currently awaiting handover by the Chinese authorities and will soon be reunited with her family.

This TIP incident is just one of many that occurs along the borders of Myanmar and is a good example of why awareness is so important to prevent further abuses of human rights. MKLDO is helping vulnerable populations learn about safe migration and be aware of the pitfalls that can lead to trafficking. Without the services of MKLDO, Yamin might never have been found and the perpetrator never arrested. This community-based assistance is proving effective direct services and advocacy where they are most needed.

MKLDO continues to engage in a community-coordinated approach that brings together police, civil society, the Department of Social Welfare, and other government agencies to provide a comprehensive approach in combatting TIP. With grant funding from PRLP, MKLDO provides the assistance necessary to protect human rights and ensure more responsive and accountable government actions for the Myanmar people.

* Represents fake names to protect the identities of those mentioned in this story.


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