March 2018

JSSP Advisors conduct CMS training via Skype for CMS Operators in Uruzgan Appellate Court

Recognizing the difficulties in accessing the Case Management System (CMS) in remote and unsecure justice Ministry offices, the JSSP CMS advisors in Kandahar and Helmand conducted CMS training via Skype for four newly-hired CMS operators at the Uruzgan Appellate court. The CMS operators are government employees, and they are JSSP’s targeted recipients of CMS mentoring efforts. Using remote technology to mentor and train government counterparts has become increasingly necessary given reduced accessibility to the most remote CMS locations in the country. This is especially important for insecure areas including parts of Uruzgan Province, where in past years, JSSP CMS advisors have been forced to temporarily evacuate.

The Supreme Court recently reassigned new CMS government operators to the Uruzgan Appellate Court to record cases in a timely manner. The court receives and registers approximately 25 cases per month. JSSP trained the new CMS operators on February 12th on a review of the CMS database, data entry protocols, and instructions on how to complete CMS forms. The training also highlighted the importance of accuracy and timeliness. Even though JSSP CMS advisors are currently not located in Uruzgan due to security threats, they were able to work around these obstacles and utilized Skype to mentor and train government counterparts on the CMS database.

 As a result, four newly hired CMS government operators are now equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills to properly input court and case information into the CMS database with limited supervision from JSSP advisors. One trainee stressed that “the new knowledge [obtained in the training] on CMS will solve most of our case-related problems and we can easily have access to cases information”. Uruzgan Province serves a population of about 328,000.

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