May 2018

"With this Association’s support, we now have more participation by government stakeholders in our human trafficking project activities." - Local CSO comment

Retired civil servants in Tachileik are putting their past professional experience into practice to combat trafficking in persons (TIP). With a grant from the USAID-funded, Tetra Tech implemented Promoting the Rule of Law Project, Mawk Kon Local Development Organization (MKLDO) partnered with the Tachileik Retired Civil Servants Association to capitalize on the former civil servants’ knowledge of human trafficking prevention strategies.

The Association is comprised of retired senior officials from government agencies including the judiciary, immigration, land registration, general administration, police force, national planning, rural development, and education. Four executive committee members of the Tachileik Association completed a training of trainers (TOT) program on Human Trafficking and Migration delivered by MKLDO. After completing the training program, the new trainers conducted trafficking awareness sessions in their communities. Drawing from their experience and standing in the community, the trainers impart compelling and relevant knowledge during these sessions, which helps convince participants to seek safe migration and understand the pitfalls of human trafficking in the region.

MKLDO’s trafficking project offers prevention services directed toward youth and women in Kengtung and Tachileik Township in Eastern Shan State. Project activities include raising awareness of the human trafficking law, training and workshops, information, education, and communication development, and public campaigns in urban and rural areas. MKLDO conducted a local situational analysis on migration and trafficking trends before providing TOT sessions using this analysis to tailor their trainings to community needs and build a coordinated approach with key stakeholders to effectively combat TIP.

Recently, MKLDO organized a meeting to build a bridge between small rural CSOs and the Tachileik Retired Civil Servants Association. The Association now allows these CSOs to use its office space for meetings/workshops and utilizes the Associations’ skills, knowledge, and network to support the CSOs. Since many members of the Association are retired senior government officials, members have the respect and cooperation of government departments, as well as the community. With its support and experience, the Association is strengthening coordination and cooperation between local CSOs and government institutions to address TIP and protect human rights.

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