Tetra Tech is a leader and innovator in providing consulting services to further good governance and the rule of law. Our work advances American interests in numerous ways. Increasing stability and reducing conflict not only decreases the risks of attacks on American interests and institutions, but also reduces the drivers of migration. On the investment side, the stronger the rule of law, the more confident American and other investors are, and therefore the more likely they are to invest in developing economies. This investment not only boosts American companies’ bottom line and creates jobs, but it also improves economic indicators in the developing and post-conflict countries where we do our work - and this in turn increases stability. Investing in developing economies is therefore a virtuous circle, doing good for nations and individuals overseas while advancing our own interests.

In the provision of international development services, Tetra Tech carefully measures the impacts of our work, both to advise our clients and donors and to continually improve how we do business. Tt DPK provides services in all stages of project life cycle, from assessment, design, and implementation, to monitoring and evaluation. Depending on client needs, we may provide individual short-term technical expertise or long-term, in-country teams.

Our service areas under the broad umbrella of governance and the rule of law include:



"I avail myself of the opportunity to express my great satisfaction of the National Audit Office ... with the Cooperation with the USAID under the [Open Government Initiative] project. [The Tetra Tech Chief of Party] with her natural vigor, competency and sociability introduced new dynamics and progress to this cooperation....We are convinced that the project outputs achieved so far should be further developed as to provide sustainable audit practices in the Bulgarian [National Audit Office]."

- Dr. Georgi Nikolov,
Chairman of the National
Audit Office,
Republic of Bulgaria

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