Tetra Tech has broad expertise in the development and execution of programs to improve the rule of law through stabilization and security sector programs. As our partner countries address the causes of conflict, extremism, and youth alienation, they benefit from increased stability, more investment, and more robust economies. In turn, we benefit from fewer conflicts and refugee movements, more stable trading partners, and better investment prospects. In strengthening stability and security, we focus on:

  • Countering violent extremism
  • Community policing
  • Early warning systems
  • Security sector reform
  • Strategic investigation and prosecution techniques
  • Criminal justice information technologies for crime mapping
  • Youth engagement
  • Alternative dispute resolution/mediation
  • Restorative justice
  • Criminal diversion programs
  • Juvenile and criminal justice system assessments and capacity building
  • Victims’ assistance
  • Transitional justice



"The programs designed and implemented by [Tetra Tech], such as archives, case tracking, personnel records, local area network, and financial applications have been very useful and helpful to the court. The close cooperation between the court and [Tetra Tech] staff has guaranteed the success of these programs. I extend my thanks to you and your staff once again for everything you accomplished in the courts of this region."

-Ymer Huruglica, President of the Jilan
District Court, Kosovo

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