Tetra Tech has broad expertise in developing and implementing programs to improve the rule of law through strengthened legal systems. As our partner countries reinforce and modernize their legal institutions and legal frameworks, they benefit from increased stability, more investment, and more robust economies. In turn, we benefit from fewer conflicts and refugee movements, more stable trading partners, and better investment prospects. In strengthening legal systems, we focus on:

  • Court administration and management
  • Delivery of justice services
  • Justice sector strategic planning
  • Justice institution capacity building
  • Judicial training and training of justice sector staff
  • Electronic case management
  • Law and policy reform



"We remember our experience with [Tetra Tech] as one of working together to create positive change in our justice system. We think it is a good example of how forming partnerships between proven and experienced international consultants and our own initiatives and professionals can have significant results. We also are pleased to note that we continue to call the professionals in [Tetra Tech] our friends and colleagues after all these years."

-Magistrate Luis Paulino Mora
President, Costa Rica Supreme Court

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