Tetra Tech has broad expertise in the development and execution of programs to improve the rule of law through supporting the business environment. As our partner countries reinforce and modernize legal institutions and frameworks underpinning commercial activity, they benefit from increased stability, more investment, and more robust economies. In turn, we benefit from fewer conflicts and refugee movements, more stable trading partners, and better investment prospects. In supporting the business environment, we focus on:

  • Strengthening public sector institutions (audit, procurement, management)
  • E-government and access to information
  • Finance and asset disclosures
  • Ethics and discipline
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Commercial courts
  • Arbitration and conciliation
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Civil society engagement and monitoring of government performance



"USAID believes that the struggle against corruption is one of the most important challenges addressed by the Dominican Republic. The transparency component of the [Tetra Tech] project has, for 3 years, been a mechanism to bring this discussion to all the social spheres and to help the country deal with the problem of corruption in a public and effective way."

-Elena Brineman, USAID Mission
Director/Dominican Republic

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