News & Resources Enhancing Law Enforcement Operations through Information Sharing Technology

Enhancing Law Enforcement Operations through Information Sharing Technology

April 2017

Tetra Tech’s Epsilon-P Initiative begins first phase of software development to improve local security services

West_Bank_SS_4.17Since September 2016, Tetra Tech has been implementing Epsilon-P, a law enforcement case management and information sharing initiative funded by the US State Department Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). With advanced data sharing technology developed with Tetra Tech support, security agencies in the West Bank will be able to share pertinent information on security and law enforcement activities, thus ensuring that timely and key information is available to all necessary law enforcement actors.

The Epsilon-P team recently initiated the design phase of one module of the technology, on human resources. The system will allow security sector leaders to track key data regarding each member of the Palestinian Authority Security Forces, including their service records, training records, and qualifications. To ensure buy-in from the local agencies, Epsilon-P conducted a workshop for participating security services to share and discuss the design.

Soon, Epsilon-P will commence work on another module, on operations management, which will be used for reporting incidents, disseminating information as it becomes available, and providing a record of decisions for action and review.

With these modules in place, Tetra Tech’s next key target will be developing the “front porch”, a secure site to which all of the agencies can upload information. With a “front porch” in each jurisdiction populated with investigative and incident information from the several agencies, the system will function both as a tactical and analytical tool for officers, crime investigators, analysts, and strategic decision makers. These capabilities will enhance the investigative abilities of the various security agencies and reduce crime in the region.